April 2017 Goals

A recap of my March goals and a glance into April's future.Hey y’all! March was a significantly better month than February even though I had a million and one more things that I needed to get done. There were a lot of things that I wanted to do that didn’t get done but I’m honestly not too upset about it. And some pretty awesome things happened in March that I’m hoping to carry into April. So let’s hop right on into it.

||March Recap||

Set-up my Bullet Journal for March

I did it! And I’ve already set up for April too!

I definitely noticed a serious uptick in my level of productivity once I was actually using my BuJo properly. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy ticking off things I’ve done for the day. I’m really glad to be back into the planning mode.

Yoga 3 Times a Week

This sort-of happened. I did yoga 3 times a week twice this month. It definitely made me feel a little bit more – for lack of a better word – centered. I felt significantly more calm than I’d been feeling in literal months. I’m definitely keeping up with this goal.

Get Belay Certified

Unfortunately I didn’t get it done, again. I’m not too upset about this though because March was a seriously busy month. And more importantly, I think I wanted to get belay certified because I hadn’t gotten a good workout in weeks, but I’ve finally found a good workout rhythm that keeps me entertained and sore.

Write 2 Posts in Advance

Done with this one. Unfortunately, the post you’re reading now is one of these. So I’ve got to get another one done in the next couple of hours. And I’ve definitely have to finish all the posts for April tomorrow because it’s finals time.

P.S. There are some really awesome posts for the finals season.

Update my “About Me” page

Not done, unfortunately. I’ve just been putting it off, not for lack of time but because I really don’t like writing about myself. I don’t want to do this but I need to get this off my hands.

|| March Memories||

Almost all of my best friends came down to my campus for the first time (whoo!) and we hung out together. It was so much fun just chillin’ with the girls and the crazy shenanigans that happened were also pretty fun.

Then I got a pseudo-job as a tutor. Really I’m only tutoring this one girl but I’m getting paid and that’s honestly all that matters. Surprisingly, I’ve found the whole thing really fun. I typically don’t like having to teach people stuff, mostly because I don’t think that I do a good job with it, but we’ve found a system that works and she’s been doing great so far. I’m excited to see where this goes.

All in all, March was a pretty fantastic month. Onwards to making April just as great.

||April Goals||

Whoo April! I love spring more than anything and I love April most of all cause it’s my birthday month. So that means I have quite a few plans for this month.

Write all April Posts in Advance

I have a lot of posts planned for this month but if I don’t write them out, I’m definitely not going to have enough time. So the plan is to right at least 4 posts this weekend and then one (maybe two) during the next week.

Yoga 3 Times a Week

Yoga is a definite necessity in my life. I don’t function well without it. And it’ll be even more important because the next month is going to be hell with finals and presentations and the mad scramble for professors to get all of their stuff taught in the right amount of time.

So yes, yoga needs to be a major part of my life.

Cardio 3 Times a Week

I don’t like doing cardio. I’d prefer to be doing strength training or toning. This goal is mostly to keep me accountable because I’ve been slacking off on the cardio front.

Drink 48 ounces of water per day

Clearly this month is all about me making my health a priority. Lately I haven’t been drinking enough water and it’s really messing with me. I’ve been really sluggish, constantly hungry, and more irritable (than normal).

Drinking water should definitely fix some of these issues. Especially the constant and unwarranted hunger.

Get New Piercings

My birthday’s this month and I’ve been desperately wanting to get a few new piercings. I know for certain that I’m getting my second lobe piercings done. I’ve probably wanted to get them since I got my first ones. And then my dad offered to pay for a second piercing and I think that I’ll probably get my nostril pierced but we will see.

I think this will be the easiest of all of my goals because it’s been in the works for literal months.

March was a pretty awesome month and I know that April, despite all of its craziness, is going to be even better. I’m really excited to see what April has in store for me and I’m pretty excited for the semester to be over.

What plans and goals do you have for April? Do you have any piercings that you seriously love or, maybe, secretly loathe?