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Spring 2017 Semester Goals & January Goals

Spring 2017 Semester & January GoalsWith the new year comes a new semester which I’ve been eagerly awaiting for about a week now. I want this semester to be even better than lasts semester so I’ve created a list of all the goals I’d like to accomplish this semester. In order to achieve these goals I’ve set, I’m also going to start sharing my monthly goals with you guys so that I have some accountability and so I can track my progress towards completing these goals. So without further ado, let’s hop right on in. Continue Reading

2017 New Year’s Resolutions


The New Year is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love the excitement and the energy. I love it all! But my absolute favorite part of it all is making new resolutions for the new year. 2016 was the first year that I really took my resolutions seriously but I think I can push myself a little more this year. So without further ado here are my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions. Continue Reading

6 Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Meal Plan

6 Reasons Why You Don't Need a Meal PlanIt seems like a no brainer. Just one of those things that you get when you go to college. You know what I’m talking about: the meal plan. That all access pass to (I hope) delicious food at all times of the day. But here’s the thing: I’m on a meal plan and I hate it. Alright, hate might be a little strong but I definitely wish I hadn’t gotten that all access pass to the dining halls. Hopefully I can help you avoid making the same… mistake I’ve made with my 6 reasons why you shouldn’t get a meal plan. Continue Reading

6 Apps Every Collegiate Needs

6 Apps That Every Collegiate NeedsI can’t believe I’m about to say this, but we live in the digital age. *Sigh* it makes cringe so much any time I hear anyone say that. It’s true though, we do live in a time of tech. And, unfortunately, the majority of people aren’t using it efficiently – especially college students. So let me show you some of my favorite apps to make the life of a college student easier than pie. Continue Reading

7 Tips to Self-Care

7 Tips to Self-CareI slept for 8 hours on Friday night. And when I woke up, I realized that it was the first time I’ve slept that long in 3 months. In fact, it’s about 3 hours more than I’ve slept in the past 3 weeks. How does it relate to this post? Well, it jump started my thinking about how badly I’ve been treating my body. And how terribly most students treat themselves. Basically, it was the inspiration for thinking about self-care. So read on if you know you need or want to start treating yourself better. Continue Reading

Creating Motivation When You Have None

creating-motivation-when-you-have-noneLast week was a rough and busy week. I had three papers due on Friday – one of which was in Spanish – plus a crap ton of notes I had to take on top of all of the other day to day class stuff. And then there was the election. And after that fiasco, my sleep pattern was off for the rest of the week (I averaged about 5 hours a day). Basically this means that I have next to no motivation to do anything this week. So in the weeks when the good things in life aren’t motivating me, I need to make my own motivation. Read on if you want some great tips on how to create your motivation. Continue Reading

5 Tips to Take Perfect Notes in College

5 Tips to Take Perfect Notes in CollegeI’m a big fan of taking notes but not because I think they’re fun. In fact, note taking is pretty boring. But it cuts down on the time that I have to study because I’ve already synthesized all of the information. Rather than learning new concepts during my study sessions, I review to make sure I have a good understanding of the concepts. So let me show you how I make sure my notes are a tool rather than a waste of time.
Continue Reading