February 2017 Goals

February 2017 GoalsI’m already kind of liking putting my goals up here. It’s fun to have a reason to go over your goals and to assess where you went wrong and how to fix it. My favorite part though is definitely creating new goals. So let’s check out February’s goals.

Before we get into this month’s goals, let’s take a recap of my January goals.

||January Recap||

Make $30 on Rev

Seriously did not happen. I definitely over-estimated the amount of time I have to get work done.

I feel really dumb for being so sure of myself because I seriously failed at this job. I made exactly $8.27 and did, I believe, a grand total of 4 hours of work for the entire month. That’s how much time I should have done every week.

Set Up a Study Soup Account

I did it! Whoo!

It was really easy and I finished it in a few days. There’s been a bit of a challenge with Study Soup on campus, minor technical things. But I have every intention of getting my notes and stuff up very soon.

Write 6 Posts in Advance

Nope. Did not happen. I’m 2 posts ahead, on my way to writing a third.

I didn’t expect to do an amazing job with this one but I had hoped to be further ahead.

Settle on a New Blog Theme

Did it and I’m so glad I did.

I spent way more hours on it then I’d like to admit, but the one I’ve settled on is pretty great. I don’t have the money to buy it right now so the blog won’t be changing at all for a couple of months. But I know what I want and I have a real dollar goal I can work towards achieving even though it’s going to take me a while.

Develop a Weekly Study Schedule

This is another fail. I just didn’t do it. I had honestly forgotten about this goal in its entirety so… moving on.

Go to the Gym 4 Times

Did it! My roommate decided that this was the semester that she wanted to get fit (yay) and that she wanted to go to the gym. So she and I have been going three times a week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday – and we’ve even gotten a couple of girls on our floor to go along with this. It’s a pretty great time.

Lose 4 Pounds

So I realized that I had made a mistake but didn’t correct it on the last post. I had actually only gained 0.8 lbs and was at 153.2. Using the correct number, my goal weight was 149.2. I don’t actually know if I’ve reached this goal because I don’t have a scale with me…

Regardless, I think I’ve met this goal simply because I’ve upped the ante on my workouts recently.

Find my own Apartment

This was one of my semester goals which I didn’t think I would finish this soon but did, so yay! I officially know where I’m living and I’ve completed the application process. All that’s left is for them to do their side of the deal and to let me know which apartment will be mine for next year.

Overall: I successfully completed 4 out of 7 of my goals and I did an extra goal too. That isn’t too terrible but I’m also not happy with it. I know I can do better.

||February Goals||

Make $20 on Rev

I probably should have started with this goal instead of being extremely overzealous and saying that I would make $30 in the first couple of weeks back on campus.

I think this is a more realistic goal that I have the actual means to accomplish – especially because I’ve developed a bit of a schedule

Write 2 Posts in Advance

Again, I was definitely overzealous with my initial goal of 6 posts in advance. I know I’m fully capable of knocking out planning 2 posts in advance.

Apply to 8 scholarships

I’ve seriously fallen off the wagon of applying to scholarships. It’s shameful because, if I don’t get better at this I’m not going to have the means of taking as many courses as I need to.

Ideally, I would be applying to 2 scholarships a week but I realize that there are some weeks where you aren’t going to find any scholarships that pertain to you. So, I’ve given myself a more loose goal that accommodates the 2 scholarships a week plan.

Do Yoga Three Times a Week

I did exactly 3 days of yoga this month. Exactly 3 days. And I don’t have an excuse for that.

Yoga makes me feel good physically and, more importantly, mentally. I should be making it a priority (which is why it’s a goal this month). I’ve noticed that I’ve been less calm since abandoning yoga which I attribute to both the current political climate and general stress of the start of classes.

Revamp my ‘About Me’ page

I really didn’t want to include this goal because I’ve been procrastinating on it for so long. Honestly, it’s almost shameful how much I’ve been putting it off.

I hate writing about myself. It makes me feel uncomfortable and boastful the majority of the time. And the other part of the time I can’t think of what to say because I feel like such an average person. You get that, right? Tell me I’m not the only one who feels that way, right?

Anyway, I haven’t changed up my ‘About Me’ in a while and I don’t particularly like. So I’m going to change it up this month.

Get Belay Certified

I went rock climbing on the 25th and it was so much fun! While not as awesome as soccer (the sport of my life), rock climbing is a great time and it works a completely different set of muscles which I always enjoy.

Because I like it so much, I’d like to get belay certified so I have access to the rock wall whenever I want. I’ve already started making plans towards it with one of the girls on my hall. The only thing left to do is choose a date and get certified.

It wasn’t a perfect month but I think I did pretty good with my goals. Biggest takeaway: set realistic goals for yourself if you want to have actual success. I’ve learned from my mistakes and I feel like I’ve corrected them with my February goals.

What goals did you accomplish in January? Do you have any goals for February?