July 2017 Goals

July 2017 GoalsJune is almost over and we are hopping head first into July. I’m really excited for the upcoming month! July is going to be the best month of the year so far because I’m traveling out of the country. I’m so excited! So let’s review my June goals and lay out the plans for July.

|| June Recap ||

Write 10 Minutes Per Day

Yup, I’m still not doing well with this goal. I’m almost willing at this point to give up on this goal. But I hate feeling like I’m failing, so I won’t. I’ll give it another month before I truly give up on this entire goal.

Start Studying Organic Chemistry

Done it. I mean, I’m not finished going  through the entire Organic Chemistry playlist from The Organic Chemistry Tutor but I’ve gotten a pretty good head start. And I was definitely right.

O Chem is difficult. It’s going to require a lot more studying than I’ve done before but I also think there’s a very good chance that I might actually enjoy the course. Strange, I know.

Apply to 5 Scholarships

Your girl was lazy. And I don’t even have an excuse. I did fill out two scholarships, both of which needed an essay so I didn’t completely fail. But 2 out of 5 isn’t exactly great odds.

However, I’m going to keep applying once I get back from my trip for certain.

Read More Conservative News Outlets

Y’all, I am so happy I made this goal. Honestly, this is probably one of the most important things I’ve done all year.

I very easily fall into the liberal ideology and, because of it, I surround myself with liberal news outlets. There’s a lot of CNN and New York Times that I look to for major, national news. To be completely honest, I like it that way. Reading the news requires no opinion making on your part when your being handed opinions that you usually agree with.

The major problem with this?

Biased news outlets are going to share the facts in a way that make their particular side look as good as possible. That means, your basing your opinions on part of the facts or on extremely biased opinions. To combat that bias, I chose to read outside of my usual liberal news outlets.

I went about this using All Sides which provides media coverage from the right, left, and center. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to find the same topic being discussed from all three perspectives but it does really well for the most part. My favorite left leaning sources are: The Washington Times and (surprisingly) Fox News. They’re factually accurate without seeming to shove their opinions down your throat. Yes, the left leaning nature can be very clear sometimes, but they mostly try to relate facts.

Adding more news outlets to my repertoire has been essential to forming my own opinions based on more complete facts. I highly recommend this goal to literally everyone.

|| July Goals||

Travel to Kenya

I love airports. I love planes. And I love Kenya. My family’s from Kenya and I’ve been twice before. But it’s been about four years since I’ve been and I’m so excited to go.

We have so many things planned for this trip. Especially because I’m officially old enough/responsible enough to just chill with my cousins and their friends. This girl is super excited!

Take Tons of Photos

I am not a good photographer by any means. Like at all. But, in my house, I’m the best photographer we’ve got. Which means, I’m in charge of the camera. So, I plan on taking pictures of everything I possibly can. Hopefully my amateur photography skills will get a bit of a boost *crosses fingers*.

Lose 3 Pounds

My weight was all over the place in June. I gained about 4 pounds in total but in this weird up and down manner. I did manage to lose it all but it really forced to me to rethink my meals and how much I was eating in a day. And I didn’t exercise enough (work + prepping for the trip), so on top of the weight fluctuations, I was feeling very tired.

So this month, I want to actually lose the last 3 pounds that will put me right at a normal BMI. I don’t think it’s going to be too difficult because I’ll be climbing a mountain and walking everywhere. We’ll see what happens.

Start Planning Room Décor

After I get back from Kenya, I’ll have a few weeks before I move into my apartment. I’m excited to be moving into this space. It’s going to be epic!

I didn’t decorate my dorm last year because, quite frankly, I’m really lazy. Also, I just didn’t care that much. But I definitely want to decorate my room and bathroom (because I get an en suite!) for the apartment and I’ll probably also do a good chunk of the decorating in the living room.

Thus, this month I want to start planning for that with an inspo/mood Pinterest board. And it’s a great excuse to be on Pinterest and look at pretty, pretty pictures.

So this month isn’t super goal intensive because there’s a lot of fun stuff planned for this vacation and I want to focus on spending time with my family. I’m really excited for this month and everything that’s going to come with it.

Have you ever traveled outside of the country? Do you have any fun trips planned this July?