Spring 2017 Semester Goals & January Goals

Spring 2017 Semester & January GoalsWith the new year comes a new semester which I’ve been eagerly awaiting for about a week now. I want this semester to be even better than lasts semester so I’ve created a list of all the goals I’d like to accomplish this semester. In order to achieve these goals I’ve set, I’m also going to start sharing my monthly goals with you guys so that I have some accountability and so I can track my progress towards completing these goals. So without further ado, let’s hop right on in.


|| Spring 2017 Semester Goals ||

Get At Least a B+ in All My Classes

This is probably the most important one on this list for me. Grades matter to me because I have every intention of getting into med school. If my grades aren’t up to par, I can kiss that dream good bye.

I don’t think this goal is going to be too difficult however, I know it’s still going to require me to put in effort this semester.

Join a Club/Organization

I avoided doing this last semester because I wanted to be sure that I could handle college courses. More accurately, I didn’t join an organization because I was afraid I wouldn’t be god at any. But the best way to handle fear is to meet it head on.

Attend 6 On-Campus Events

Since starting college, I’ve become introverted and that’s not me. I’m usually the one who initiates things with other people or who does things solo and l haven’t been doing that lately. So, this semester I went to get back to doing things that really excite me. I want to participate in new and intriguing things, even if I have to do them by myself.

Create a Schedule for the Next 2 Years of My Life

I have plans to be in college for only 2 more years and there’s a lot of things I need and want to get done. I have to create a game plan to figure out when I’m going to intern and study abroad and study for MCATs and travel and finish my minor and whole bunch of other things. I’m a planner and a serial worrier by nature, I think about my future a lot and not having a plan frightens me.

Find My Own Apartment

Living on campus is really expensive and, unfortunately, it’s often a requirement for freshman. But at the end of the semester, I’m happy to be moving to a larger, more comfortable, less expensive housing situation. At least, I will be once I’ve accomplished this goal. Fortunately my roommate is willing to live with me another year so we’re going to do the whole apartment hunting thing together.

Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited for this goal. I’m pumped to being having this experience of trying to find a place, it feels very adult. It’s definitely something I’ve been looking forward to doing for a while.

Use the Gym Regularly

Gyms freak me out. Actually, it’s not really the gym, it’s the people in the gym. But the distinction isn’t what matters here. I have to get over this fear because I want to lose more weight and I want to tone up.

Hopefully, by the end of the semester, I’ll be at a point where I’ll go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week and take cool group classes that I’m actually interested in.

Get At Least 7 Hours of Sleep Per Night

This should be incredibly easy if I plan my schedule right. In fact, I could have done it last semester if I hadn’t been so lazy about getting my homework done. But this semester I’m going to make sure that I’m treating my body right by getting a lot of sleep.


|| January 2017 Goals||

Make $30 on Rev

Rev is a website where freelancers can work transcriptionists, captioner, or translators. I joined this site as a captioner a few weeks ago and have already made about $8 just from doing about an hour of work.

I know that with about 3 or 4 hours of work a week, I can pretty easily make this job. The difficult part of doing this job is attempting to understand people’s accents or listening to really crappy audio. Otherwise, it’s not extremely bad.

Set up a Study Soup Account

Study Soup is an awesome website where you make money from uploading your notes and study guides.

There is a bit of a process to setting up an account so I can get started making actually money, but it will get done. I’m pretty excited for this one to be honest.

Write 6 Posts in Advance

This is really me starting to tackle my New Year’s Resolution of having 1 month of posts in advance. By the end of the month, I’d like to have at least 6 weeks’ worth of posts completed. By completed I mean that each post has been edited, has images and proper links added, and is scheduled to go live. Out of all of this month’s goals, this is going to be the one that I struggle with the most but, if completed, it’ll be the one that makes my life easier. And, more importantly, I know it’ll increase the quality of work that you all read from your’s truly.

Settle on a New Blog Theme

I like the theme on this blog right now, but I don’t love it. I’ve always known that I wanted to change it, but I’ve been really lazy about figuring out which of the many amazing themes I actually want.

I have zero intention of purchasing it this month or even for a couple of months because I simply don’t have the money. However, I would like to know just how much money I need to make so I can get theme that I really want.

Develop a Weekly Study Schedule

Please don’t hate me when I say this but…

I don’t study that often. Even when I was in one of the most challenging schools in the nation, I didn’t do large amounts of studying. I mostly attribute this to the fact that I do every single bit of homework for every class. And for literally years, it’s worked just fine for me. However, my classes are only going to get more difficult and I know I should be setting aside actual studying time.

Go to The Gym 4 Times

Like I’ve said, I have a fear of the gym. I think it’s a dumb fear and, if anyone told me that they had this fear, I’d tell them to just walk into the gym like you own the place. But I’ve made a goal to get over my fear so I’m starting small with this month. Hopefully someday (aka by February) I’ll be comfortable enough to go to the gym multiple times a week.

Lose 4 Pounds

Last month, I had set a goal of maintaining my weight at 152.4. I failed. Instead I gained 3 pounds and, without a doubt, it’s entirely my fault. I didn’t exercise at all and I ate terrible food all the time (Chick-Fil-A peppermint milkshakes, I’m looking at you).

So now I have to work to lose the weight I’ve gained. But that wasn’t enough for me. I still wanted to start the year off by losing weight from my original goal weight of 152. Even though it’ll only be a pound, it’s better than nothing.

Once I get back onto campus, I know I’ll fall back into the routine of working out every day and eating right. And once I do that, losing the weight should be a relatively simple task.

Well, those are the goals for the semester and for the month of January. Some of them are a little lofty but I think I can make all of them happen.

What are some of your goals for the semester? What about in January?