10 Tips to Start the Semester Right

10 Tips to Start the Semester RightThe Spring semester has started! My first week is over but I think that all of these still apply so I’m glad to be sharing these with you guys. It’s been a month, if you can believe it, since you were last in school and that probably means you’re a little bit stressed. But that’s perfectly okay because these 10 tips are going to make sure that you have the smoothest transition into the new semester. Continue Reading

3 Things You Should Do With Your Syllabus

College has many perks that high school doesn’t have. My absolute favorite? That beautiful syllabus that a professor hands out, or puts online, that shows you the dates of every single assignment. And yet, hundreds of students make absolutely no use of this god-send. But not anymore. I’m going to tell you exactly what you should be doing with your syllabus. Continue Reading

Spring 2017 Semester Goals & January Goals

Spring 2017 Semester & January GoalsWith the new year comes a new semester which I’ve been eagerly awaiting for about a week now. I want this semester to be even better than lasts semester so I’ve created a list of all the goals I’d like to accomplish this semester. In order to achieve these goals I’ve set, I’m also going to start sharing my monthly goals with you guys so that I have some accountability and so I can track my progress towards completing these goals. So without further ado, let’s hop right on in. Continue Reading