The Ultimate College Packing List

The Ultimate College Packing ListHeading to college for the first time is easily one of the most exciting experiences ever, especially moving into your first dorm. But it can also be extremely stressful and hectic without a clear list of what you need to bring with you. This packing list is here to help with that. A compilation of everything I took with me or wish I had taken with me, this college packing list is sure to be a great place to start purchasing and packing. Of course, everyone’s list is going to be a bit different when taking into account your specific needs.

|| Bed ||

Sleeping Pillow Throw Pillows Comforter Sheets
Blanket Pillow Covers Mattress Protector Foam Mattress Topper


|| Clothes & Closet ||

Dresses Shirts Shorts Skirts
Jeans Leggings Dress Pants Workout Clothes
Heavy Jacket Cardigans Purse Jewelry
Swim Suit Socks Bras Underwear
Flats Tights Sneakers Heels
Hanging Closet Organizer Tiered Storage Bin Hangers Jewelry Organizer


|| Office & School Supplies ||

Pencils Pens Printer Binders
Lined Paper Printer Paper Expandable File Folder Folders
Planner Thumbtacks Staples Stapler
Post-It Tabs Post-It Notes Graphing Calculator Ruler
Highlighter Binder Clips Paper Clips White Out
Scissors Hole Punch Calendar Sticky Tacky
Dividers Index Cards Tape Command Hooks
Backpack Desk Drawer Organizer Desktop Organizer Desk Lamp


|| Toiletries & Bathroom Supplies ||

Shower Flip Flops Makeup Shampoo Nail Filer
Shower Caddy Makeup Brushes Conditioner Nail Polish
Towels Makeup Remover Combs Nail Polish Remover
Toothbrush Face Soap & Lotion Hairbrush Contacts
Toothpaste Body Soap & Lotion Pads & Tampons Contact Solution
Safety Pins Deodorant Straightener Contact Case
Shaving Cream Razors Curling Iron Hair Ties
Cotton Balls Q – Tips Perfume Bobby Pins
Tweezers Floss Mouthwash Wash Cloths / Loofah


|| Electronics ||

Laptop Laptop Charger Phone Phone Charger
Mini Fridge Microwave External Drive Flash Drive
TV Ethernet Cable Portable Charger Flashlight
Rechargeable Batteries Battery Charger Surge Protectors Wireless Mouse


|| Cleaning Supplies ||

Broom Dustpan Trash Bags Broom
Sponge Paper Towels Dish Soap Hand Soap
Laundry Hamper Dryer Sheets Detergent Pods Disinfecting Wipes
Glass Cleaner All-Purpose Cleaner Trash Can Febreeze


|| Kitchen ||

Coffee Mugs Disposable Cups Plates Bowls
Silverware Baking Supplies Coffee Maker To-Go Cup
Oven Mitts Kitchen Towels (Glass) Tupperware Water Bottle
Pepper Salt Sugar


|| Furniture & Decor ||

Full-Length Mirror Rug Storage Ottomans Futon
Beanbags Fairy Lights Posters Pictures
Fabric Scraps Washi Tape  DIY Projects Duffel Bag

Well y’all, that’s the ultimate starting point. Like I said, everyone is going to be a little different but hopefully now you have a better idea of what to get. If you want some more ideas of what other people brought with them, check out this amazing article from Mighty Goods to hear what 14 other college students brought with them.

Before you go shopping, it’s extremely important to check what you are and aren’t allowed to bring with you, especially with a lot of the electronics because some schools don’t let you bring things like microwaves, mini fridges, or surge protectors with you. So check the handbook before diving into the shopping experience. And if you’re ever not sure, wait until the move-in day and ask your RA (Resident Assistant) whether it’s allowed. Better safe than sorry.

What other supplies would you add to this list? Are there certain things you found more helpful than others in your dorm?